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Prologue. Love? Never heard of it. Why? Because I don’t believe in it. It’s too much to deal with. I can’t take care of myself and you want me to take care of someone else and their heart.

Lasting Love


Love? Never heard of it. Why? Because I don’t believe in it. It’s too much to deal with. I can’t take care of myself and you want me to take care of someone else and their heart.

Like…really? This is the story of my first and final love. Scratch that my first and final true love. Oh, I didn’t mean to be rude. Hi, I’m Kaiya. The last 14 years have been complete bogusness.

I mean life has been very hard for me. And life’s challenges have made some landmarks while it passes through. But besides that, I have my friends and me.

I know family is something big in your life but after reading this you’ll understand why I haven’t said anything about family helping me through hardships.

Chapter 1: @w1ld0n3

It all started with the first day of high school. Shady Oaks High. I had just got back from going on a seven-day cruise with my family (minus 2).

One of which who is one they’re way here and 2. has moved out of the house and moving on with life.

I made a friend, maybe a good one the last night of the cruise when I snuck out to hang out with my friends at 2:00 in the morning.

I made it back home and my “friend” texted me and said he missed me. Wasn’t the first time I heard it since I walked off the ship.

I heard it at the airport to when my friend Mason told me that he missed me and my ass. He may have given me a booty rub and a neck kiss the last night when we were hiding from Mason’s mom.

Beside the point. I’m officially a freshman when I walk through the doors of Shady Oaks High. I was terrified to start high school at first but after open house I was fine.

I mean there should be nothing to be afraid of, it’s only high school, right?


“Teacher: Hi, I’m your teacher Mr. Sheldon and here are some fun facts about me…”

As I’m listening to the teacher blabber about his hobbies. I cry in the very back of the class in my seat. I have a terrible headache. Head down on my desk and I feel like I’m slowly dying.

The hour fades and I have a migraine the size of a senior’s ego. I have taken three swigs of my ice-cold water hoping I would feel better but, nothing. My best friend 2.

0 (Jackson) grabs my bookbag and drags me to the nurse with the teacher’s permission.

We stop in the middle of the school when I lean up against the wall and tell him I’m fine, but he knows that isn’t true by the way my words slur together.

He gives me a “that’s bull” look, throws me over his shoulder (both bookbags on his back) and finishes carrying me to the nurse. He sets me down right outside of the office.

I look at him crazy because for a skinny dude, he sure is strong. He tells the office clerk lady that I have a really, bad migraine and the clerk nods and starts typing on her computer.

Jackson puts my bookbag down by the desk and I thank him.

“Thanks for making sure I didn’t die on the first day Jack.” I say to him.

He replies with “Hey, that’s my job. You’re my best friend 2.0. What would I do without you?”

I smile and the office clerk hands me the phone. I hear my mom yelling on the other line.

I put the phone up to my ear and she’s already swearing at me.

“W.T.F. are you being overdramatic about this time?”

“Mom I can’t…I can’t. My head hurts really bad and I can’t stand straight, I’m f- “

“You’re not fine. Now I must make another stop and be late to work. I be there in 30 minutes. Bye”

“B- “


I turn and look at the door, eyes closed.

“Hey Jax, can you- “

I open my eyes and the little guy is down the hallway already because the bell has rung for his next class.

I growl in frustration and slunk into one of the chairs in the office and wait for my mom to arrive.


My mom burst into the office with a sandwich bag and a pill.

“Here put this under your tongue it’s not the best but it’ll help with your head and eat this nectarine. Then drink some of your water.”

I do as she says.

“Kaiya, did you eat breakfast?”

I shake my head as I devour the nectarine.


“I wasn’t hungry.”

“Well look at you know about to pass out on the first day of high school, you need to eat breakfast every morning.”

The office clerk butts in. “Your body is like a car it needs fuel to work. Your body works the same way.”

The office clerk and my mom then start to have a conversation about the driver’s ed classes so that my sister and I can start taking them. I finish my nectarine, grab my bag and head to class.

My mom tells me to call her if my head starts to hurt again. I nod and sprint to second hour. Foundations of Math. Where Ms. Procter tells us about how much integers mean to her.

But we don’t really care. So, when the bell rings we rush out of class. My third hour and my homeroom washed away quickly (happily), and I thought I was ready for lunch, but I was wrong.

I lost my appetite by the time I had to choose my table. So, I threw my food away and waited by the football field to avoid everyone until it was time to go to class. English.

Last class of the day.


My teacher/old cheerleading coach was boring me to death. All she did was blab about the criteria for the year.

When I finished my work, she told me about the concussion project I had to finish to cheer at competition.

The only thing that sucked more than her being my teacher was her being head coach of cheer. And that means anyone who earned the right to hold a pom-pom.

The bell rang, and I sprinted to practice and changed.

When as we stretched everyone talked about how awful their first day went.

The freshmen spoke first, and all our complaints were about how the upperclassmen and other freshmen girls thought they were better than everyone else because they were A.) an athlete, or B.

) their boyfriends were captain of the team. I knew it was all garbage because everyone kept saying the same thing.

Either captain of the soccer or football team, and everyone in the school isn’t captain of the football team sweet cheeks.

When the sophomore spoke, they spoke about how if they get below a 60 in any of their classes they got tutoring for 6 weeks. But all the freshmen classes said below a 70.

We talked about power hour and then coach came and was ready to practice our jumps, so we jumped in to practice (see what I did there).

Practice ended, and I walked home. I was already rushing to graduate. I shower, changed into some comfy P. J’s, plopped onto my bed and I popped in my headphones. I’m home alone.

My other sisters are at a friend’s house. I stay home to watch the dog. My step dad is at a meeting.

And when I go into the fridge to see what for dinner, I discover a piece of chicken alfredo lasagna (my favorite) with my name on it and a note. “Sry sweetie. Had to work late 2nite.

Love you and sleep well. Good night.” My music stopped for 2 whole seconds and then played again. I check my phone.

Mom: “clean the kitchen b4 u go to bed”

Me: “OK. Good nite. Luv u”

Mom: “and walk the dog b4 u go to bed”

Me: “ok. Luv u.”

Mom: “Bye”

Was this women incapable of saying “I LOVE YOU”? I gave up, did as she said. My music stops again when I go upstairs. Instagram. Someone had texted me. A boy. Of course.

I open it, and someone said hey. I ignore it and keep playing my music as I doze off into a deep sleep.

I'll upload a chapter a day! Let me know what you guys think and i'll keep writing.


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