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This chapter is a little steamy like the last one. Warning: Abuse and Self harm. if you aren't going to get triggered, read me.

Lasting Love

Chapter 5: @Ups1d3d0wN

I go to school and wait for the bell to ring as usual. My headphones in, music blasted and isolated from the world. I know what you’re thinking. “How do you hear the bell ring?” I don’t.

I just know that when a herd of high school students run past me to head to their first class. No one seems to notice that my face was covered in two different skin tones.

I ran out of my natural skin tone foundation, so I had to use something that was a little lighter. I was doing good until Third Period.

I was sitting next to the funniest guy in the world and I started crying of laughter.

Then makeup didn’t rub off happily, but my expression of happiness did when I was called to the guidance office. I see my cheer coaches behind me and I get a little nervous. We had a meeting.

A terrible one. I got kicked off the cheerleading team. I had 12 demerits, and someone airdropped a video from my Instagram page to the assistant principal.

They said that the video had inappropriate language and drug substances (I said the word weed). They said I couldn’t try out for the team until my Junior year in high school.

They called my mom and let her know. And then they send me home with a letter and a schedule for my lunch period until the end of the semester.

I had 12 demerits from missing practice and showing up to the games without my cheer shoes. I had just got them, and I won’t be able to use them anymore.

I went into class pissed off and slammed my bag on the computer desk. I bawled my eyes out right there in front of my friends. Me.

The strongest person they know is crying because she can no longer put on a skirt and shake pom-poms. My friend Leilani, who is full blood Hawaiian, pulls me outside to talk to me.

I take my hands off my face and she touches as she talks to me. She starts rubbing my tears away and more came. The expression on her face changes quickly and she drags me into the bathroom.

“What the hell is that Kaiya?”

“A unicorn…. What the hell do you think it is?!?!”

“How the hell did you get a black eye?”

She paused and wanted to drag me to the guidance counselor’s office. I told her no. I had been through enough today. She knew. Leilani knows about my drunk mom. My drunk, abusive mom.

She knew hoe this was normal to me. But she didn’t like it. She tries to do everything in her power to take me away from this. But she can’t.

I promised her that if I got into another situation with my mom I would let her know. And just to test my luck I did.

I came home, and my mom was waiting on me. Fist balled. Hair pulled up. Waiting to whoop my ass.

She found pleasure in this because that way if the school found out she can say it was disciplining her child and not abuse. I can’t lie I deserve an ass whooping.

But NOT the one that she was about to give me. She took my phone and hit me upside the head with it. And then she slammed me against the countertop and called me a lying bitch.

I’ve been called worse. I didn’t cry because I was just numb to the feeling. She stopped and went back to work.

I cried my ass off again. There I was. The second time today. Crying in pain. In sadness. I felt…. used. Stupid? I didn’t know how to feel.

I grabbed my phone off the counter and texted Leilani. I promised her. And I was keeping that promise. But before I texted her. I texted Kameron. He facetimed me right then.

He said he couldn’t pick me up. I hung up and begged him and he still said no. I only did this to tell him what was going on.

Leilani has my Instagram password, so she was able to see the messages. So, as soon as I said goodbye to Kameron Leilani texted me:

@LaniiiW0rld: Pack a bag. I’m picking you up.

@hauntedbythehaunted: Are you sure?

@LaniiiW0rld: Yes. She’s abusing you and it’s not right.

@hauntedbythehaunted: I can’t their gonna see you. I’ll let you know if anything gets out of hand.

@LaniiiW0rld: OK. I luv u bestie.

@hauntedbythehaunted: I luv you too. Thx for everything.

That’s just a summary of how the conversation went. I don’t really wanna go into detail. She was really worried about me. Too worried. But I don’t think you can be too worried about anyone.

The weekend went by slowly. My mom didn’t say anything to me. Marcus didn’t say anything. No one said a word to me. I was ready for Monday to roll over. Well, at least I thought I was.

Monday came, and I was having a pretty normal day. Until I was called to the guidance office in the middle of second hour.

I go to guidance and I see Leilani in there sitting down like she was waiting for me. I go in there and Leilani is scared if what I might say. I open my mouth and she says…

“Don’t be mad at me. I was worried about you. I had to tell someone. I completely understand if you wanna kill m-“

“Lanii I’m not mad at you.”

The clerk tells us that the counselor will be with us in just a second. I already knew my ass was on the line when the clerk slammed the door.

Sorry guys it took so long. I really appreciate you guys. And this i thank you guys so much.


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