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Chapter 4: @s0m3Onef0uNdout!!! Ughhhhhhh!!!!! Frig my laundry. F.M.L. I can’t even today. It’s Friday and I have nothing to wear but sweatpants and t-shirts. So, that’s what I wore.

Lasting Love

Chapter 4: @s0m3Onef0uNdout!!!

Ughhhhhhh!!!!! Frig my laundry. F.M.L. I can’t even today. It’s Friday and I have nothing to wear but sweatpants and t-shirts. So, that’s what I wore.

Kameron texted me good morning and I said it back but lazily. Because to me, that’s what Friday is all about. It’s about lazy.

So, I get to school and see Sasha new cheerleading captain of the J.V cheerleading squad. I go up to her and say “hi”.

“Hey” She replies with

“I need a boyfriend”

“You have one”

My stomach dropped when she said that. No one knows about Kameron but me. And him and I are not dating.

“Who? Can you please let me know because no one has even looked my direction around here.”

“My cousin Kameron told me last night that he asked you out and you said maybe. Ya’ll be cute together honest- “


I couldn’t take what she was saying. Not about what Kameron said but the fact that Kameron is her cousin. I…. just…. ughhhh!!!!!

I walk away with mixed feelings. I didn’t know what I felt like. Angry? Sad? Happy? But one things for sure I was confused. I pull my phone out and text Kameron.

@hauntedbythehaunted: You told Sasha?!?!?!?

@AcefulRaces00: Yea. She’s my cousin. I tell Sash everything.

@hauntedbythehaunted: But I didn’t say anything.

@AcefulRaces00: I’m sorry. I got excited…...but is it bad timing to ask you what the answer to that question is?

@hauntedbythehaunted: KAMERON!!!!!!

The bell rings and I growl in frustration. Friday felt like the longest day ever. In English it felt like it had been 2:14 for 3 hours!!! I was so ready to go home.

I goof off with my friend Fred who sits next to me in that class. He was the highlight of it. I never understood why.

I guess it was because he was funny, smart, he paid attention and he always had that homemade sweet tea that I LOVE so much.

The bell screamed, and it made my day worse that I didn’t have practice because we don’t go back to school until Wednesday. So, I dreaded the bus ride home.

I texted Hannah and asked if I could stay with her until Wednesday. She said sure. I went home packed a bag and walked to her house. We did the same thing we do all the time.

Stare at our phones until dinner is done. After that, we shower, grab snacks, and watch movies until we pass out. I always stay up watching series or movies on Netflix.

I talked to Kameron all night. We video chatted, and I said yes to being his girlfriend. We fell asleep on the phone and the next morning I saw that he was awake.

He was playing the Xbox as I made Hannah and I breakfast. Omelets, turkey bacon, and coffee. We got coffee from Starbucks. He eventually hung up because he had to go to football practice.

Wednesday came and I walked into the lunchroom with everyone staring at me as I walked past their segregated tables. At cheerleading practice the girls came up to me.

“Your dating a junior at Pattenville?”


“Everyone knows. Sasha told Alesia who told the whole school on Instagram”


“Hey! You should be upset with Sasha”

My whole school rep was falling apart. I wanted to curl up and die. But after a few days I learned to embrace it. I did cuss Sasha out for blabbing, but she wasn’t upset with me.

She said she deserved it. I didn’t disagree. Thursday came, and Sasha said there was something in store for me at the football game today.

What could it have been? Snacks? Money? My birthday was nowhere near November soooo. I was confused again. We have practice right before the game.

That way we can try new stunts during the time-outs.

I go home and get ready and Kameron ask to facetime while I get my bow on. I say “yea”

We facetime, and he tells me how beautiful I am. He keeps gushing over me and I think it’s adorable. He’s not the best looking out there but he’s not the ugliest either.

I hear a horn outside and I realize that that’s my ride to the game. Something sounded off because I feel like there was a horn louder on his side of the phone.

I hung up and told him I had to go. I get in the ca with Sasha and I throw my bag in the backseat. We stop by taco bell (my favorite) and go to the school. We cheer our butts off.

I was the loudest next to Sasha. We’re best friends and I love that we can enjoying cheering together.

Half time came, and we left to go to McDonalds across the street. I order my food but once I go to the fountain to get my drink, someone covers my eyes and whispers in my ears.

“Your eyes shine brighter than the sun.”

I smile in excitement knowing that only 1 person would say something as corny as that. I turn around and...


I squeal in excitement and hug him. The cashier who hates her job calls my number for my order and we head back to the field before time runs out. We eat our food and we get back on the field.

My mom said she wouldn’t be able to let me in the house until midnight so find someone to hang out with. And Kameron and I go on our first date.

He took me to Buffalo Wild wings and then we went to the movies and goofed off. We ended the night with a moonlight walk. I put on my cheer sweat suit and then he took me home.

I kissed him good night on the cheek. He walked me to the door and I hugged him and thanked him for taking me out. I get lost in his eyes and he starts to lean in.

He grabs me by my hips and leans in closer. I was so close to kissing him. Until.


“Yes ma’am”

I look at Kameron and mouth I’ll text you later. He smiles and greets my mom. He drove away so quickly. And luckily, he didn’t her what my mom said.

“You little slut! Who the hell was that?”

“You said hang out with someone. I can’t even with- “

I notice the almost empty bottle of liquor on the counter.

“Mom have you been drinking… again?”

“That’s my damn business I’m grown. I don’t owe you an explanation.”

I try to go upstairs but she grabs my hair and hits me. I quietly cry in pain hoping not to wake any of my sisters up. She tortures me. Hit, Kick, Hit.

I became numb to the feeling after a while. This was normal to me. I walk upstairs with a bloody nose and a black eye. I clean myself up and carry my mom upstairs.

This time her beating wasn’t that long because she was drunk a while after the game ended. She’s passed out on the floor and I carry her upstairs and lay her in bed.

I get in the shower and cry my eyes out. This was normal to me. NORMAL. This shouldn’t be normal. I look at the scars and bruises.

When I get out of the shower I dry myself up and take the blade out of the third drawer. I cut another mark on my thigh and then my wrist.

I cry and wipe up the blood dripping in the sink and I go to bed. I wake up early enough to cover up my black eye with makeup. My sisters couldn’t see me like this. No one could.

Hey guys!!!! I want to thank you once again for reading this chapter. I'm sorry if this triggered anyone. I'll give you guys a heads up from now on.


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