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The hurt you feel when things seem to go the opposite of what you chose and you're fed up.

Over It

Here we go again You start this and then wanna change it. Choose what you want, I can’t read your mind You keep putting me in and out of these spaces Places I don’t wanna be but I be for you.

For you, I knew I’d live For you, I knew I’d give my all and all For you, I knew I’d cry I didn’t realize that I’d die though.

Die to me Die to who I chose to be Die to what it feels like to be me Die according to all the thoughts I imagined in my head of what I knew Die limiting all the things I thought I’d do.

But you know, I’m making a choice, A choice not to die. A choice not to not ask why. A choice to choose me and who I want to be. The life that I envisioned all to be.

I can’t choose you and choose me. We can’t possibly coexist in this one entity. Today I will cry.

But in due time, when the swelling subsides and the moon brings in a new tide. I declare, I determine,

I Will Be Over It

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