The Reverend
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"He did it. He killed her."
John, Jacob, and Dylan are friends. After a strange girl named Marilyn Holloway enters their lives, they become quick friends with her. After Marilyn dies (or was murdered—it depends how you look at it) their lives change forever.

The Reverend

Prologue: (unfinished) (This is also based in the future of the book so you may not understand some things. Also this is pretty old writing so it's not very good.)

I hadn't wanted this to happen.

But there we were. All three of us, dressed in brown button down coats and black dress shoes, with no umbrella to shield us from the ongoing rain.

I was sure we looked ridiculous, all soaking wet and wearing fancy clothes we could barely afford.

Reverend Joshua's sermon sounded clearly from the front of the funeral, his voice belting loudly over the silence.

Jacob brought his droopy hat to his heart and slipped inside the church building, now leaving two of us standing there at her grave.

I quickly handed John my prayer book and followed Jacob inside where he stood, brown eyes fixed on the floor.

"He killed her, y'know. The reverend," Jacob whispered, his hands clenched into fists. "He killed Marilyn."

I stared at him, arms dangling loosely at my sides.

It suddenly seemed like the chapel had become freezing as shivers danced up and down my spine.

"Reverend Joshua?" I asked, my voice so quiet I nearly thought he hadn't heard me.

His nod told me otherwise. "We both know he's been wanting to buy that farm. I saw him come by last Saturday, real angry. Mr.

Williams would've let him have it too if it weren't for the mortgage."

My mouth went dry, thinking of the gun Reverend Joshua had locked away in that dusty glass cabinet of his.

"That doesn't mean he did it," I hissed, stealing a glance out the window at the reverend.

Fear swam in Jacob's eyes. "He did it. He killed her."

(This is really old! By the way, this is my ALT account besides @FilmRose.)

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