Should’ve Found The Flying Dutchman
Should’ve Found The Flying Dutchman  sad stories

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Should’ve Found The Flying Dutchman

You are a sorry ass excuse for a person

Spilling your sorrow and brokenness into this empty vessel

But this vessel was only empty because of people like you

Low life light skinned pirates That had nothing better to do than to steal my treasure Twirl my gold around in their mouths

Tasting the richness of the holies I thought I had hidden deep below my deck

But they charged in with Their smiles Their fake “I Love You”s Their twisted fingers

Ripping every golden coin Every golden nugget Every piece of innocence Out of my floating body

Leaving me empty

But you knew all of this

Because this is all your fault

You were the first to step foot on this vessel

Everyone else saw it as a ghost ship just floating out into the sea

No direction, No purpose

Just there to dance to the ocean’s songs

But you noticed a small flickering light You decided that there was something more to this ghosty shell You decided to climb on board

I know you were only expecting to find The Flying Dutchman On some mission to prove ghost really do exist type shit

But instead you found a beating heart

Full of emotions, love, and happiness

You found me

But you also robbed me

Of every heart beat you could fit into your Dick Bag I mean Book Bag

So why do I allow your sorrow and brokenness to fill me

Why do I allow myself to stay empty just so I can hold every tear,

And every emotion

And every irregular heartbeat your marijuana can’t cover up

Why the hell do I still love you

When you are the one who published the map to my heart

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