5 x y/n
5 x y/n umbrella academy stories
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By lovedove12

5 x y/n

by lovedove12

You were hanging out with your friend Anna in her room. ¨Have you seen this new thing called Umbrella Academy? It is a good show. ¨ You look at her with confusion. That look was all she needed. ¨OMG! Ok, so it is about 43 women who got pregnant, and they weren´t pregnat before.¨

You looked at her in confusion. ¨So, they all got pregnant, I dont see what the big deal is.¨ Anna Looks at you and smiles. ¨They got pregnant and gave birth in the same day.¨ You look at her. ¨You have my attention¨

Just then Anna´s mother called you down. ¨Y/n! Your Fathers here.¨ You looked at Anna in despair. ¨I can tell you about it later¨ She said. You race downstairs and get to your dads car. You didnt want him to wait long.

As you were getting in the car, you saw your dad was mad. ¨Dad, is everything ok?¨ you ask, hoping he wont hit you. ¨I have to stay extra hours for tomorrow. You cant stay at your friends house. You are just going to have to come with me¨ You are surprised that he has told you this. You never go to your dads work.

¨Can I bring Anna? She is going to help me with my homework we have that is due Thursday¨ That was a lie. You just wanted to hang out with someone if you are being forced to stay at his work, you dont know how boring it will be.

He started the drive. ¨Honestly, I dont care. As long as you two dont go around and mess things up.¨

The next day

You arrive at you father´s job. His job is to create portals to different worlds. It helped that he was super smart. That was his power. You got your power from your mom (you have wings, Anna can control anything with her mind.

¨Let´s go mess stuff up¨ Anna Said as you and her were bored. ¨But what if something happens ?¨ ¨We will just say we were hungry¨

You and her decide to walk around. You stoped at a door and your curiosity was just dying. You grabbed Anna´s hand and you opened the door. Once you got there, you heard the door shut. There was a bright blue light, and it turned into a circle.

¨Y/N! GET OUT OF THERE!¨ Your father screamed from the balcony with other people with lab coats. But by the time you looked towards his direction, it was too late. You were sucked in the white void.

You woke up to a voice.

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