Self-punishment gore stories

lovedoesntexist I don't know who I am anymore.
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Self-harm was supposed to turn me into a good enough copy of a robotic human being who knew her limits.
Instead, it made the freak inside me grow wilder.

Warning ! This story contains gore and suicidal elements.


Last month, I decided to punish myself in order to fix her.

Everytime she wished for someone's attention I bit her skinny useless arms.

There wasn't too much flesh but the the sight of her blood made me slightly happy.

Yet, something was missing...

Instead of being scared, that worthless failure of a human being kept silent and indifferent to my rage

Everytime she smiled at his interactions I hit her on the head.

Everytime she felt hopeful that he would love her back one day, I punched her gut until she lost balance.

Everytime her mind pictured his face or her lips pronounced his name, I slapped her cheeks until they turned blue

And guess what ? She enjoyed it.

The bitch found so much pleasure in it that she laughed her ass out and asked me to do it harder.

When I refused, she started calling his name to piss me off even more.

After a month of punishment, she became terrified everytime I raised my hand.

And yet, that slut still loves him so much.

I talked to her face to face.

" You're the cause of my suffering, so you deserve everything I'm doing...

You're a prideless blind and deaf idiot who wouldn't listen or understand when everything's clear.

I hate how you keep trying without losing hope.

I hate you.

Who do you think you are ? A princess ? Fuck your useless imagination.

Stop hurting me, I want to stop hurting, it's all your fault.

Stop repeating your mistakes.

Just throw your heart away for good.

Kill every feeling inside you.

Kill that illusion of love.

Because love doesn't exist.

Kill your imagination.

Kill our anger and kindness.

Let's make peace...The two of us.

Stop crying. Stop laughing.

Stop or else I will scar every bit of you.

I can't kill you, but I can make your life even harder."

You ugly piece of shit. Why do you exist...

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