Why could you just flip the switch?
Why could you just flip the switch? stories

lovedbyscars My smile is hiding my scars
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How could he just walk away and not feel anything? When I am stuck going to bed crying every night.

Why could you just flip the switch?

What happened to it would take a tsunami to rip us apart

What about you don’t ever have to face anything alone you will always have me

What about I have felt the same pain, I would never make you walk through it again

What happened to you are my world and I will would do anything for you

The promise of always fighting for me

The promise that you were different then all the other guys

How in a matter of 5 minuets could you flip the switch and walk away

It took a grain of salt to stop the video calls until midnight

It took 2 days of walking through hell all by myself to realize it was only when you had time that you would walk it with me

It took one phone call for me to feel the pain I never thought I could feel

Your silence made me feel like I was’nt your world anymore when you still were mine

You looked at me like we hadn’t spent every night texting and calling about everything

You ended up being like every other guy

So when you ask if I still love you I will say

I love the man I would stay up until midnight and who would grab me around my waist

Not the guy who sat on the phone with no tongue

You could just flip a switch and everything we had was gone

I will always have your name burned on my heart cause I could never forget you

I could never forget us

Cause I loved you with everything I had left

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