If I could leave I would
If I could leave I would stories

lovedbyscars My smile is hiding my scars
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I would leave this life with you in it in a heart beat, I would never call or text, or tell you why. You have hurt me more than you could ever comprehend. WARNING HAS STRONG LANGUAGE.....

If I could leave I would

The safe place that I am supposed to come home to, becomes hell with you in it

You tell me to have self confidence

Every day you tell me I need to loose weight

Every day I get in the car with you you remind me that I look like shit

That I am am such a bitch no wonder why I loose all my friends

So just remember that when I am crying myself to sleep every night

When I finally get to move out of this hell hole, don’t ever wonder why you don’t get any calls and you have been shut out

Cause all I wanted was a mom

Someone to listen with out jugging me or giving me a lecture

Someone I could go have fun adventures with

But I got a witch at home

Someone who would and will always remind me of my mistakes

Someone who made me feel like I could never do anything right

No matter how many A‘s I got

How I never slept around

How I never did drugs

How I didn’t have a new boyfriend every week

But no I am the worst daughter you could have I ruin every day you spent with me

But I am the one who doesn’t love you

Cause I totally wasn’t the one talking to multiple counselors tying to fix whatever I could about myself that just made you hate me

I totally wasn’t the one who stayed up all night crying and praying about how much you hurt me and how to fix it

No I was the Bitch

My friends where never good enough for you

I was never even close to what kind of daughter you wanted

So when I can I am leaving

I will have no regrets about shutting you out of my life

You have scared me so much their is not even words for it

My biggest hope in this world is that I never become you

That I will let my daughter have privacy

Let her have fun

Build her up and remind her just how much she means to me even if I am still mad at her

I will always be their for her

When I am, I won’t be jugging her or lecturing her

I hope that unlike you I will be my daughters best friend

But most of all hope that some day you read this and you might just then realize what you have done

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