Goodbye Muscles
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lovedbyscars My smile is hiding my scars
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This is a last goodbye to the guy that could make me feel like a queen with his words but a piece of gum on the floor with his actions. Hope you enjoy!

Goodbye Muscles

My knight you didn’t fight like you had sworn on your life you would

Your every breath made me feel like I was in a fairy tail

But every step you took made me feel like I was just the girl that you never noticed

Those leafs have taken over you again lately

All I want to do is make sure you are okay

But I know then I will fall are into your trap that has been build to make me question ever scar I have

So to the guy who would make me think about him night & day

The guy who knows how hard it is for me when I get home

The guy who I told everything to


I won’t forget the memories we made together

And I thank you for making me realize I deserve someone who will fight for me

I hope that someday you will find the girl that has been searching high & low for you

That you will get to live your dream of being a father

But you and I have got to say goodbye

To find the people who we are meant to be with

For me to find someone who thinks I am worth fighting for

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