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A Poem I wrote, for my wife. I love you FR.

By: Ashton Gilbert

Breathe for Me.

by Ashton Gilbert

At night, when I lay there hopelessly stairing at the shadows on the walls. After I start to drift off, with these imaginary creatures of darkness.

I lean over you, kissing your soft gentle lips and breathe in your air.

Then I press my lips gently against your ear, and silently whisper to you the words "Breathe for me."

From your dreamless state, you awaken and start to imagine all these creatures in the light.

Stairing hopelessly at my dead body. You start to cry, and when I wouldn't wake up. You pressed your soft gentle lips against mine, and silently whisper to me "Breathe for me."

There from death, I gasp for air.

Your never-ending love, fills my lungs from your breath.

Finally awaken from my inner depth of Hell.

To you in Heaven, holding onto me. Endlessly dancing in night sky, with the illumating colors of the northern lights wrapped around us.

With Stars, in our eyes.

Forever, a consolidation of Light, and Darkness.

Endlessly, bound in true love.

From Your Husband, AG. You are my Sun. I am your Moon. Our Son, is our World. Our Hearts, touching one another. Is the air we breathe. To y'all, listen to the wind. "Breathe for me." And rise up from the Dead. And walk.

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