The Beast of Revelation (part 1)
The Beast of Revelation (part 1) poem stories

lovebourne Self-proclaimed Philosopher, Author&Poet
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This is part 1 of a series of poems I made. Could be a bit difficult without the other parts. I'll post them soon. I leave its meaning up to your imagination but I'll leave some clues in the tags. Don't know if it's possible to see them all though

Christian symbolism cos that's what I was raised in and am quite familiar with.

The Beast of Revelation (part 1)

The trumphets roar

Shaking the hearts of man

The seas crumble and the mountains part

It walks among us for no one to see

The Beast of Revelation is within our midsts

With every step, the earth cries, it weeps

With every breath, the world burns, it screams

A body clothed in flames, an inferno

Claws and fangs sharpened for destruction

Unstoppable, it reigns free

No reason nor logic

Only bloodlust and carnage

It seeks battle, it brings hell

It welcomes all challengers

The rampage of this beast continues

Casualties pile up into mountains

Forests echo in the screams of death

Yet still, no one seems to care

They do not notice its path of destruction

Are you all blind, or does this excite you?

The burning seas and molten storms

Few messengers, god's chosen prophets

They walk up to the beast

And preach goodness, they preach love

A noble mission indeed

The journey they have chosen

But sadly, they are gravely mistaken

The prophets treat the Beast like a house pet

A domesticated cat, they try to rub its belly

The meesengers are blinded by their own light

The Beast is not an animal

With care and compassion, you cannot win it over

Touch it and you will burn

Show it kindness and it will kill

The prophets scream, they shout

Their final words of regret

Their virtuous compassion

The very last time their hands reach out for another

And in the ashes of their remains

The beast will smile, it never frowns

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