Animated characters... (For- Commaolmpics)
Animated characters...

(For- Commaolmpics) animated_characters stories
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love_it Hey? Don't forget to smile!!!!
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My entry for the commaolmypics!!~Animated character contest...

Hope you like it😊

Animated characters... (For- Commaolmpics)

These four find themselves stranded on an island~

These four find themselves stranded on an island~ Which is in the middle of the ocean with no other humans there...

Name: Diana Age: 18 -20 - Non-binary

I come from a place where I had to do anything to survive and Now I'm stuck with a bunch of imbeciles...

A spoiled pretty boy... Name: Azriel Age: 17 pronoun: He/Him

What in the world is going on here? Well, I'm sure my mom will fly here in no time to save me. Until then...Why is there such a dark aura here?

A normal, innocent girl Name: Athena Age: 16 - 17 pronouns: she/her

I'm starving right now, I really wanna eat something!!!!!

Snap out of it Athena!! First, you have to figure out how to survive this place and these weird people...

Name: Uki Age: 22 ...

Why am I the oldest one here? Now I'm responsible for all the others!


I know this wasn't the best but I hope you liked it :) Take care and LOVE YOU ALL <33333

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