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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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"Why I only saw the flicker of a streetlamp".


the crisp autumn air of the night chills bones

the lively leaves dance across the empty street, interupting the the atmosphere of the night

in the back, an abandoned swing creaks with amusement, surveying the scene

the streetlamps illuminate the area, dusting their light upon the forgotten sidewalk

shadows slip around every bend, turning, sliding, twisting

spirits dart around in unison, turning, sliding, twisting

the whispers in the air personify their discussions, giving them life in the dark

jumping and running from light to light, a lonely shadow strays from the bends, disappearing within the dark outlines near the road, their reappearance in the light of the lamp gives an eerie aura about them

turning, sliding, twisting, they go

the wind hushes, and the swaying grass hesitates

a lonely and curious car rolls down the cool street, slowly, expectantly

the shadow appears in the light of the streetlamp, bearing a smoky coat with hidden eyes

wind gushes, dragging mist and dust away to the air, away from the shadow, like a sand castle

slipping, twisting, turning

quiet rolls through atmosphere, flowing through the ears of the shadows that be near

wheels stop turning, air starts wishing, silhouettes start whispering,

a mutter, a request brushes the ears of the listeners

with the flicker of the streetlight, the shadow dissolves into a dark mist, eyes watching can't catch the vehicle rolls on, retiring with the growl of a ravenous wolf

overcasts murmur to one another the air reeks of deception

the streetlamp flickers, foreshadowing the past events and attempts

questioning the watchers is useless, they know about as little and as much as you, they think less than you they ponder greater than you

because all they will dare to utter, would simply be

"Why I only saw the flicker of a streetlamp"

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