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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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sleeping. A wish for some. A nightmare for others.


sleep, a universal concept

we close our eyes and disappear, just for a little while

our brains let us drift into a state in which we aren't fully alive, but death isn't at our door either

we create and form imaginary scenes in our heads, and let them take us to a place created from nothing

if troubled, sleep should be a fear of one

terrible realities can sneak their way through as well, snickering in disgusting delight as they imagine the screams of their host

occasionally, the rester can grasp control of the movies in their head, turning the film to the direction they please

others, they reminisce about things that happened, or things that could've been

unrealistic delights and fantasies come alive, whispering into the ears that doesn't detect

they almost die, their mechanisms slowing, as if to stop and rust, never to work again but death isn't an option

colors come alive in the midst of the darkness, most shades not sticking to the memory

some wish, some plead, for eternal rest and sleep to come upon them

others dread the thought of disappearing for the night, they want to wake, they want to stay

and even during the sun's reign, sleep is still attainable as if it were the only thing to never leave your side only friend

it's not an imaginary concept, it's still achievable sometimes chillingly easy to sometimes frighteningly hard to

and one opens their eyes, surveying the true world and reality around them

the light brushes against their golden eyelids, disturbing the process and bringing the asleep to life

they feel every breath they taste every sound they see every word

most have no memory of the night before, but those that do

either treasure the memory or wish it were gone

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