find me, i'm scared
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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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Where am I

find me, i'm scared

when we believe, hope is useless, screams go unheard c a n

I'm not afraid of the dark, nor what's in it y o u

I'm scared, of the feelings I'll suffer, when my skin is ripped apart h e l p

I'm afraid, that my eyes won't see, beauty anymore because what will be the point in looking or crying then? m e

what will be, of my skin when rows of lips of claws of emotions, pierce the walls I worked hard on p l e a s e ?

i'm scared. f i n d m y body

it's dark. I hear f e e l i n g s I don't want to hear them. Can't bear it

where am i h e l p familiar sounds fill silence

pull, my bloodsoaked h a n d away, from this prison

i'm trapped. find m e . i'm waiting please, I beg I need escape salvation w h e r e ?

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