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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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an escape that's only a deception

electric wind

sitting on my bed, staring off into the universe

rolling hills of lush green grass, accented with rose-colored dreams

kites made up of the wishes of the young scatter the deep blue sky

my toes brush against the forgiving grass, my hands touch my face in wonder

the world beckons me to walk, and my limbs move as if machines commanded by a computer

my hair falls in my eyes as the wind brushes against my skin, caressing nonexistent wounds

laughter of the forgotten echoes throughout the field, the giggles are directed with me and at me at the same moment

the ground smells like the care from a devoted mother the sky smells like the scent of a courageous pilot

the wind smells like everything it tastes like everything

it sounds like everything, it looks like everything

my fading hand extends towards the now sorrowful sky the ambition once held has poured out into a milky abyss

I want to touch the breeze, I want to feel its embrace

my emotions swing, I swing, and fall unto the lush ground

it's brown now the lavish and striking blades of grass have gone, as if shrunken into the ground to hide

the dreams and the roses have wilted, reducing to dust

the powder of the forgotten souls is swept up into the arms of the harsh air, scattered amongst the grieved earth i hear screaming of kids who aren't there

the kites of the young have fallen victim to imaginary trees the wishes have been freed into the brutal and remarkable galaxy

the frigid ground embraces my back as I reach up one last time, aching to feel the wind's concern touch me, hold me

I reach out to nothing I am held by nothing I taste nothing I see nothing I smell nothing I hear nothing

nothing but the sound of the forgotten whirl of my fan

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