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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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mostly a friend, an ally and empath,
yet an unknown fear and foe to others

dream gatherer

the dream gatherer, a mystery, yet an old friend, gives off an aura, a quality an old book would share

tattoos collect on their arms like memoirs from vivid memories

their hands hold the world gently, cradling the life that lies upon it

they run far, run fast, wishing, collecting

their awe radiates vibrantly off of their beauty, infectious

they glide along a starry river and taste the water, taste the dreams, they breathe in the air, the life that surrounds them, ghostly lungs filling with wishes

their eyes are taken directly from the night sky, shining boldly, piercing through bad thoughts

footsteps are all but unnoticeable, brushing the cobblestone streets like paws on soft grass

their slyness shines above that of a feline, drifting from one windowsill to another with brushed aside breaths

their hands are soft from handling the fantasies, the visions, brushing, caressing

fingers stroking against house walls, they let villages to cities drift into slumber, the collecting doesn't begin until all is quiet

whispers go untouched, grazing alongside the wind and shielding from open ears

they laugh at the dreams that show tales from a youth's mind, they weep at the illusions that tell stories of the dead and forgotten

their agility leaves them unable to be caught by searching eye, their haste allows them to have fun in the dead of night

rings and golden jewelry line their body, gems that hold their favorite dreams, the visions that are meant to be worn proudly

their hair rumples on their rolling shoulders, curling and uncurling to the sides, the strands whip around with playful delight in the cool twilight breezes

their words have only been listened to by select few, their voice echoing throughout the dreams of the imaginative

but when the light spills across the bedsheets in the new morning, the dream gatherer's voice may remain only a very distant memory

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