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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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a different world,
a reality to hide the truth,
just for a little while

city of roses

her beauty blossoms like the laughs of a newborn

the atmosphere flows with a musical ease, tempting those outside and beckoning them to the in

lights flicker the city flickers back with equal pleasure

water rushing down the streets plays with children

shops flourish, flowers buy

petals of the forgotten swing from polished windows, a reminder that the dead don't die

love is the culture, blooming with rain and mystery

taboo in connecting to someone else burns such things don't exist here

smoke rises breaths are filled with harmless gas, exhilarating the lungs

a place packed with flowing energy a city filled with ease

inhabitants feel the sigh,

residents hear the breath, breathing in unison

heartbeats rock the roses with emotional force beings stop to admire

a city of life, shielding from the reality of living

a place of hiding a world of singing a reality of breathing

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