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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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When the doodle of a bird becomes something more.

bird wishes

she wants to be free, but they asked her not to leave, please

she said she wants to soar, but her arms hang loosly, caged

her hair won't tame easily, it blows, in a fake wind, they warned her

she cuts her hair, with the edges of her wishes, they say they shouldn't be sharp, but the hopes are knives

her lips graze against the notion of absence, as in, her

they lock the windows, when she finds a key, they board the openings, and she builds a hammer

chains slide away softly, she breathlessly pulls at the constraints, they warn her, that they disappear later

they warn her, so many words, wasted on reckless youth

they give her a pen, and she writes, they tell her no, not like that

she cries, they spill plastic sorry's she steals them, and makes them beautiful

she speaks, and they tape her mouth, so she learns sign language, they can't tie her hands

they break her fingers, so she learns morse code, blinking messages, to those who listen

next day she's gone, they warned her, and she left a note, torn at every edge

she thirsted for freedom, and this day, as a feather rests in her old chair, the doodle of a bird, sits at the corner of the page.

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