Scary noise BY : Kayden Davis
Scary noise

BY : Kayden Davis stories

love3332Community member
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There are noise downstairs don’t know what to doo

Scary noise BY : Kayden Davis

One night i heard something downstairs i was so scared i did not know what to do

So i went down stairs and there was nothing there i was so confused so i when back up stairs

So the next night I set up a camera because I thought something was down there and i found this

3:02 A.M

I heard a Noise and the next morning I checked my camera. And I found that somebody was just up in the suit. I was scared to death when I found that it was my friend that was trying to scare that live with me.

Then I want to sleep . Never heard of Noise again. And my friend got me good. The end that was the last of the creepy monster.

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