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louisvillian5 The World is a Vampire
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My Journey

To say some of things you want too, It takes courage. That I have, Because I’m going share with you my journey. I want too.

I came into this world to 8, A family of 8. After my moms last 2 miscarriages, I was a miracle.

It wasn’t all perfect tho, I was born with several medical conditions. Even though they held me back, I worked hard and you couldn’t even tell I was different.

I was loved and I loved others, I got the nickname love child. With the love I was given, I gave it to others.

This was put to the test, When everything I knew changed. When I had to take what I’d received over 7 years, And give it to 3 others.

My mom brought 3 more into our home, From another home , they came. I was excited, Yet to discover the challenge that was to come.

Night 1, I was abused. Hundreds of days and nights, I was molested. For months, I was violated.

I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t act right. This caught the eye of momma and poppa bear, They knew something was up.

First time, I didn’t cave in. Second time, I told them everything. The battle began.

Years dedicated, To heal the damage that had been done. People can change, After years of trying we figured that out.

He could change, He changed with the power of love. And even though the 3 changed the dynamic, We embraced it.

Nobody is perfect, Not even those who are meant to perfect you. Sometimes those who are meant to love you, Can’t do the job themselves.

Drugs are an easy escape, When the weight of the world is on your shoulders. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right answer, But that was dads answer for awhile.

But we believe in change, He changed. He is a great father, I say that with all my heart.

I kept working hard and trying to fight indifference, Some couldn’t see past our differences. Bullies have short minds and close their minds to others, I fell victim to it.

For them, I was silent. I wanted to fit in, I wanted to be normal. Even if it meant I had to lie to my family.

Eventually after you’ve been through so much, You forget how to treat others. I empathize for the bad guys, Nobody becomes evil over night.

But I turned from evil, I never did drugs or hurt others. I knew I had to treat others with kindness and spread peace, I needed to create a better life for everyone else.

Difference divides many, But it united my heart and my soul. I was hurt for so long, But now it’s my role to protect others.

Be the change, Be the change you want to see in the world. Lead by example, Set the standard for everyone else.

You’re a hero, No matter how fucked up or different you are. You are important, No matter what.

If you read my story, Share yours. @ebugler34 started it, You should continue it.

Most importantly, SPREAD PEACE. I know I say it all the time, But I want you to join me.

@louisvillian5 Thank you for reading 💜☮️

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