Please Don’t Bring Mullets Back into Fashion
Please Don’t Bring Mullets Back into Fashion mullets stories

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Enjoy this one cuz I’m mad

Please Don’t Bring Mullets Back into Fashion

I’d be lying if I said that I always agree with Generation Z Even tho Generation Z is perfect There’s one slight imperfection Mullets.

There’s this horribly disgusting hairstyle we all know Business in the front and party in the back The one characterized by its greasiness Mullets.

Mostly worn by rednecks Appreciated by those who live in barns It’s the hairstyle with no swag or good meaning Mullets.

If hairstyles were people And I had to pick one to slap in the face with a wooden chair There would only be one hairstyle on my mind Mullets.

I’ve never cut hair or shaved a head But if you gave me a razor And gave me the option to shave ten heads Mullets.

I don’t know when being ugly was a trend But the people who brought back mullets do Because they brought the thing back Mullets.

I really hate mullets if you couldn’t tell I’m begging Generation Z in all of their glory To please get rid of those disgusting things on peoples heads Mullets.

Generation Z if you are as good as we say you are Then please just abolish that disgusting hairstyle The one that is ruining my life Mullets.

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