My Dopamine Addiction
My Dopamine Addiction love stories

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All about love!

My Dopamine Addiction

Love is easy Or so I feel When it comes to you

If I can’t give up Then you can never give in And we are here indubitably

Your aura is opportune Your song plays in the perfect tune And your smile is as warm as the month of June

If I’m addicted to you And the way you make me feel Then our love is my drug

If this feeling is my drug And I keep coming back for more Then you are my dealer

My favorite feeling is you Because all else makes me feel numb I operate on your beauty alone

What is within you Brings the best out of me And that is without doubt

Where are you when I need you? You aren’t as simple as a pill bottle Your love is eternally integrated into my soul

If you are my final destination And my entire world Who am I without you, my addiction?

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