Starvin in da Street
Starvin in da Street stories

louisianazodd Community member
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Somone struggling in the streets

Starvin in da Street

im fucking starving, low funds on the EBT

cant buy no food, so I'm stealing these groceries

do I wanna eat or cop me dat new CD

Five bucks in da wallet, mufucka nothin free

I'm livin check to check cuz I got debt to my neck

Don't expect nothing on payday, just got paid wat they say

I'm yellin out mayday, maybe it's a joke

I don't know why I'm so broke, so much bills I might choke

White t's and sum nikes, can't afford no new gear

Rock da same shit bro... You weird

I gotta get what I need, can't get what I want

You livin in greed, I'm chillin in da dark while you flaunt

I need money right now, Might hit a sweet lick

My girl got a target, Daddy he's a neat trick

So I caught em at the spot, put a gun to his head

Bitch was shakin in his j' s, don't run or ya dead


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