May We Meet Again

LouiseW2016Loving Life. Wife and Mummy
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May We Meet Again

by LouiseW2016

We met at the age of 15.

You were so full of life. A big ball of energy that made your way in to my life.

Best Friends

We spent everyday together doing what any normal 15 year old girls do. Sleepovers, talked about boys, movies and music. We talked about everything. Shared our secrets. You are my best friend.

You told me your sick.

You told me you have Cystic Fibrosis. I had no clue what that was, you took your time to tell me what it was. I couldn't do anything but stare in shock.

We moved on.

After you told me you were sick, we went back to way things were. Nothing did changed. We still done all the same things as before. Even added partying to our list as we got older.

Later on in life

We made it a Decade of being best friends. You were my Bridesmaid at my wedding . You looked so beautiful in your dress.


You became godmother to my beautiful little boy


This year is when everything changed. You got really sick always in and out of hospital. You are the strongest person I know. Never once complaining. Took everyday as it came.

March 2016

You're gone. After a long battle, God took you, he was missing an Angel and called you home.

What you are to me.

You're my Best Friend. We may not be blood related but you will always be my sister.

May we meet again.

This isn't goodbye, this is goodnight. May we meet again , sleep tight Angel. Always and Forever.

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LouiseW2016Loving Life. Wife and Mummy
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LouiseW2016Loving Life. Wife and Mummy
a year agoReply
Thanks for all your lovely messages :-) she was an amazing person. Miss her every day.

SomewhereintimeBronze CommaI like cookies. Oh yeah and writing too.
a year agoReply
That was so sweet and also very sad. It made me wish I knew that beautiful person.

lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
awww this is so beautiful

shanaSilver CommaCommunity member
a year agoReply
ah this is so beautiful. brought a tear :(