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When the troubled daughter of a well-known gang leader is finally thrust into the world she knows so little about she finds herself in a whole heap of trouble. Trouble going for 0 to 100 in around 10 seconds where she is concerned.
With all the trouble she finds herself in her father only has two choices left for her, lock her up and keep her away from everyone and everything until he can fight no more, or send her away, as far away as possible with his most trusted member. Keeping her safe from other people is just the beginning...

Just like any other normal day in the Cole household, I could hear the house was full of people and I hadn't even finished my breakfast.

I raised my eyebrows as I listened to the mindless shouting, it was loud, so annoyingly loud it was drowning out the video I was watching on my mobile phone.

I would give my left arm for some peace and quiet, especially since today was a Monday.

I dumped my spoon into the bowl before picking them up and leaving the table I was sitting at before placing them into the oversized marble sink.

I pulled the kitchen door open which lead through to the hallway where my twin brother was standing on his mobile phone.

"I have to go," he told whoever was on the line as he looked at me, his brown hair falling over his eyes before he ended the call and pushed his hair away from his face.

"What are you doing up so early?" His voice was short as he looked at me before tucking his hands into his jacket pockets.

I shrugged my shoulders before moaning, "Some of us actually have to go to work." I looked at his outfit noticing he had already gotten dressed, something he rarely did before midday.

"Where are you going, looking all fancy and shit?"

His upper lip curled, "It's none of your business is it really?" His blue eyes the same dull shade as mine as he looked into my eyes. "But you are my sister so I'll let you in on a secret."

I narrowed my eyes as he took his hands from his pocket and started to type something on his phone before he showed me the screen.

Raising my right eyebrow, a perfect brow that I had spent a good ten minutes on this morning, I looked at the screen before shrugging my shoulders at the social media page of a blonde girl.


"This is Lucy," he told me as he locked his phone and put it back into his pocket. "She wants to meet me."

"Stalking this poor girl was you?" I teased him as I walked past him and opened the door to the cloakroom and entered the massive hall where all the coats and over outside items were stored.

"Actually no" Thomas' voice echoed in the large empty room as I realised it was him who was following me.

My eyes glanced over at him for a second before I returned my attention to what I was doing.

I grabbed my golden sparkly raincoat before slinging it over my shoulders and turned back to face my brother. "You seemed to find her page pretty quickly.

" I reminded him with a smirk as I put my arms through my jacket before zipping it up.

"She sent me a link," he defended himself, his voice going a little high pitched as he spoke.

Laughing at him I looked up at him, "Give over." We might have been twins but he was certainly the more sensitive of us.

"Have fun," I told him as I put my black boots on before leaning down to zip them up. "But honestly," I zipped the first boot, "She doesn't look like your type.

" I zipped the second boot and then stood up and smiled at Thomas.

"How would you know what my type is?" He asked me as I walked towards the door we had come through, my eyes on the door.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I mean she's not like the last girl you were seeing."

Thomas groaned, "Harriette was a mistake."

Rolling my eyes I opened the door and left him in the cloakroom before I headed towards the front door to leave for the day.

I smiled before I opened the door, my eyes looking at the number of cars that were now gathered outside the house making the smile disappear as I wrinkled my nose up.

It wasn't that I was not a fan of my father having friends over, I just knew it meant he would not want to be disturbed.

The problem I had right now though was all these bloody cars were blocking my car in. The real culprit was a black Range Rover which was parked directly in front of my little blue Corsa.

Looking over at it I narrowed my eyes, I had to get to work somehow and this vehicle was blocking my way out.

I sighed as I closed the door and returned back into the house, the heels on my boots clacking on the wooden floor as I headed to my father's wing on the house.

He conducted his business there, I say wing, it's more of another house which has been specially adapted for whatever my father needs it for.

As I got to the door of the meeting room, I lifted my hand to knock on the door before I heard him talking.

"If we don't do this in the next week I think we are going to find ourselves in a dire situation," he told whoever was in the room with him.

My hand tapped on the door harshly before I put my hand down at my side before the door opened and there on the other side stood my father.

His trademark smirk was missing from his face instead there was a scowl on his face as he looked at me.

"What is it? Can't you see I'm working?" He asked as I looked past him and saw the room was full of men who were all looking towards the door.

"I'd quite like to go to work too," I quipped as I narrowed my eyes. "But one of your boys has blocked my car in." My eyes were on my father as I watched him.

My father ran a large hand through his gelled back black hair before he turned and looked in the room almost like he was debating whether to get them to move or not before he looked back at me.

"Can't you just get out another way?" He was growing impatient as he looked at me, his hands going into the pockets of his leather jacket.

Pursing my lips together I sucked them in before I spoke, "Dad," I rubbed my fingers together before speaking, "Some idiot in a black Range Rover is blocking my car in.

Get them to move it or I am going to drive Little Blue into it before cutting it's brake cables."

I watched as my father gave me a disapproving look before he sighed, "Elliott we're in an important meeting right now. You have to find another way to get to work.

" Then he closed the door in my face.

Balling my fists at my sides I walked away from the door before I returned to the front door and headed outside.

I looked at my car before starting to walk through all the cars and down the driveway.

The problem I had here was that my father decided that with his wealth we were going to live in a rather large country manor type home.

Now, this might not seem like a problem to the typical person but the driveway of our home was at least half a mile.

Reaching into my back pocket I pulled out my phone and called my friend and asked for her to come and pick me up from my home before ringing my boss to say I was not coming to work today.

I sat on the doorstep as I waited, I knew she wouldn't be long getting here, she never was.

The door opened behind me and out stepped Thomas who looked down at me in confusion. "No work after all?" He asked before he closed the front door.

Pointing to the Range Rover I groaned, "Some moron is blocking me in."

"I wouldn't speak ill of that moron," my brother warned me. "You do realise that belongs to one of dad's lads?" He stepped off the doorstep before looking at his car, "Mother fucker."

A laugh escaped my lips as I saw my brother's blue Seat Leon was being blocked in by a much larger vehicle. "What were you saying?" I asked as I looked at my brother's disappointed face.

"Nah man!" My brother walked over to his car, I pushed myself up and followed him as he looked at the small space between the cars before he punched his car's bonnet.

"She's going to think I'm a loser if I don't turn up." He rubbed his hand where he had punched his car. "I can't believe this."

I sat on the bonnet of the car that was blocking my brother in, it was a large army green Dodge.

"It's quite comfy," I said as I leaned back and put my back against the cold glass of the windscreen. "Wouldn't it be a shame if something was to happen to it?"

Thomas shook his head, "Don't be stupid, Elliott. You might not be aware of the business that dad conducts but I am."

I leaned forward crossing my legs and smiled at my brother who had an obvious amount of stubble growing. "Enlighten me," I raised my eyebrows.

As he opened his mouth to speak our conversation was cut short by a car heading up the long drive.

Turning to head to look I smiled as I saw it was my friend, Jessica, in her old but reliable Ford that was her mothers before it was hers.

I hopped down from the car before I looked at Thomas, "Get in and we'll give you a lift." I told him with a smile.

Thomas headed to Jessica's silver Ford before I walked towards my blocked-in car.

I unlocked it before I sat in the driver's seat and put the key in the ignition before I smirked at my own stupidity. I didn't even care right now, this person was costing me a day at work.

I turned the key as I listened to the car roar to life.

Out of the corner of my eye,

I saw my brother and Jessica step out of her car but I dismissed them before I revved the engine before releasing the handbrake and jolting forward into the stationary vehicle that had been

the cause of my stress this morning.

As the front of my car hit the front of the Range Rover it crumpled and sent my head flying forward and hitting the steering wheel as I didn't have my seat belt on.

The alarm from the other vehicle sounded in a shrill high pitch before I stepped out of my car and slammed the door shut and walked towards Jessica's car.

"You can't just walk away," Thomas told me as he looked at the car.

I put my hands over my ears and shrugged my shoulders, "I can't hear you. Are you getting a lift or what?"

Thomas looked back at Jessica's car before he looked at the house. My eyes followed his as I turned to see the front door being yanked open by my father.

"Are your keys in the ignition?" I asked Jess as I stared at my father.

"Yes, why?" She asked, her voice a little scared.

Breaking eye contact with my dad, I rushed around to the driver's side "Get in." She obeyed, her toned legs carrying her into the car before we both slammed the door shut at the same time.

I turned the key in the car before driving off, a smirk plastered on my face as I made my getaway.

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