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In a small house by the sea I lived In solitude which was utter bliss

Allegory of myself~

In a small house by the sea I lived

In solitude which was utter bliss

I always went to this cliff nearby, sat up there ,watched the water and enjoyed the sound of silence

It was all that I knew... After all it's just me living around here so what else would I need?

One day while I was contemplating the sky, I felt cold fluids falling from the sky, landing on my face... Rain? It was foreign to me...

I only got back to my small wooden house, which was getting weaker and weaker by the day as autumn took over.

I didn't have the materials to fix my house nor did I feel the need to, it's still standing, isn't it?

Months passed by and then Winter became the new season ...

The cold wind which felt like the hands of spirits caressing my face sent shivers down my spine,and also a feeling of uneasiness filled me ...

but i took pleasure in this new feeling, at least it kept me company and filled the hollowness inside ,or at least that's what i thought.

My small beautiful house turned into a shack ... the abandoned type ... but i still loved it the way it is ... How ironic that i didn't feel like fixing it still.

Years went by,and one day i felt my heart skip a beat,i jumped out of my sleep to find myself in ruins,and the night sky above me ...

I remember having a roof on top of my head,so how was i able to stare directly at the sky?

and it's not nighttime,because i can still see the sun in the distance, but thick fog filled the atmosphere ... no that's thicker than fog,it's not normal ...

I rubbed my temples and then my eyes as i felt a burning sensation ...

felt hands around my neck which i couldn't feel,i start gasping for air! The ruins were in flames! i ran,i panicked,i cried, i screamed! but then i realized ... Only i lived here.

All i could do was watch everything i owned burn to ashes,then i felt fluids running down my cheeks but they were warm,unlike the ones in autumn,

and this time coming out of my eyes and not from the sky above.

I woke up the next day on that cliff,it was all i had left after all ... I felt something strange ... I wanted to be engulfed in something,warm or cold i didn't care,just a presence to suffice.

I looked at the ocean moving back and forth, like when you rock a baby's crib. Would it suffice? i thought to myself as i was going through the free fall.

I was in a stance, sinking slowly,slowly and slowly,to the bottom ...

Felt like years passed by ,and then out of nowhere i'm back on shore,soaked and fatigued with another creature at my side ... It was soaked too,i guess now i know how i got back up .

The creature took me back to where the incident took place,where i thought i lost everything ... It had the materials and tools which it taught me how to use.

My name was etched on the side of the tools ... "they belong to you ... but you never used them that you forgot how it all works" i felt embarrassed but warm on the inside.

Day by day we worked on the ruins,my small house was half way finished,till one day i woke up and found my company gone. I felt my soul fading,my heart shattered and my will was gone.

I'll never be able to finish it on my own... I thought to myself ...

How can you start something and not finish it? How can you give someone hope and just disappear? How could you do such a horrible thing to an innocent being with no apparent cause? ...

I went the cliff,stood on the edge and let out the loudest sound i could muster . Then i heard a sound which's exactly the same as mine ...

I called back to the person on the other side,but it kept copying me like a mocking bird ... i got tired afterwards and decided to get back to rebuilding my small house.

Ever since ,i go to the cliff , stare at the line where the sun and the sea meet, talking to that mocking bird on the other side, waiting to see if anyone will ever show up.

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