Random things to know about me...and some deep things about me
Random things to know about me...and some deep things about me stories

loubeartopsharrIm zelaya and im a directioner
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This is just random things and deep things about my boring and horable life...

Random things to know about me...and some deep things about me

by loubeartopsharr


Well my name is zelaya (Zah- lay-ah) and im 12 just turned 12 on sep

My fav color...

Is green


My birthday is sep.13 😀


Well right now im dating a girl (yes im bisexual) and her name is samantha i love her so much😘 and i know u guys are like "tf she only 12 what she now about all that." idc what u think its my li

Fav band/group

One direction Sleeping with serions 5sos And many more

Type of music

Well pretty much everything lol i like all music Pop(24/7) Rock/emo(when im sad) Country(bord) Rap/r&b (sometimes)

Fav song

Melanie martinez martinez(crybaby,dollhouse, pacify her.mrs.potato head,the whole album tbh) Sleeping with serions(better off dead,trophy fafters trrophy son and everything else) One direction(

Random things bc i cant think of any thing else

Umm...my fav food is icecream😂 pizza,candy and everyrhing else lol i love food And how about facts about my life?...ok lets see....i hate my mom sometimes but lately i been she hurts me...not l


But not like abuse like with words u know what i mean? Well yeah she calls me things she dont drink or nun she just yells and call me things it hurts me tho....sometimes i cry....i think about cu


But i dont but i was thinking😞 i dont know why u guys even waste your time reading this i know u dont care so just go and ill just....go and listin to music or somthing(it helps me) idk y but la


I just feel sleepy idk why tho like i just feel like no energy is in me ...werid do i have depression?....

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