Forbidden Fruit
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The forbidden love you have for your best friends guy.

Forbidden Fruit

I think of nothing more, than being lost in your eyes, a deep brown so soothing yet so dangerous. Awoken by the touch of your lips, a drug that I crave so deeply.

My heart, a fire only you can fuel, with the love I give and you return. A love that consumes me, a love that challenges me, a love I cannot live without, with a touch of danger.

The wish of running my fingers through your dark locks. I long for you, even though you are with another. My heart flutters at just a glimpse of you're face, my heart melts in your presence.

But you are with her, and that is a pain I have never felt, a pain I never wanted to feel. But I hold on to that pain, as it's the closest thing I have to holding you in my arms.

First impressions can be deceiving, they can hide the person you will fall in love with. I was captured by your looks, your devilish smile, your scent that drew me in.

But I brushed it off, thinking it was just a crush. But that 'crush' grew stronger each time I looked at you. I had no idea.

I know you are with her, and you are happy with her, but when you stand so close to me, I want to fall into your embrace. When you placed your rough hand on my back, it felt so right.

But I know to you, it meant nothing more than being friendly, and that is devastating.

Even though I am happy for you both, my feelings want to tear past the lie on my face, and want to reach out to you, even if you will never feel the same way.

I need you to know, but you cannot know. She cannot know. You will never know.

When you talk to me, it feels like there's no one else on Earth except to two of us. Our conversations are so pure and true, like I could spend eternity talking to you.

Your words suffocate me, with your stories and tales. But when you're gone, the silence is so painfully deafening. Silence like a cancered roar.

I forget about the troubles that swim in my head. I forget about past pain that still haunts my heart. I forget that you are with her, and not me.

I drink up your words, like the sweet poison they are. I reach out for your thoughts, wanting to know what's on your mind.

I am at peace, in a world full of hate and jealousy, the jealously that murders the fantasy of you and me.

And in the darkest times, when my mind is a cage, my heart is a curse, I look back on our time together. The cage slowly starts to unlock, the curse fades away.

My mind and heart are hand in hand, over the blooming love they have for you.

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