You're Not Alone
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for everyone out there who got bullied. or is being bullied right now.

You're Not Alone

by Lotus





Names, labels, to set us aside from the 'normal' people.

From the 'accepted'.

Aside from being not accepted, being 'hated', being the one to be picked last. But picked first to be pushed around and hit in the heart with cruel words that engraved deep and invisible scars.

We were normal, whatever that means, we were average. With a smile on our faces at home, keeping in the tears that collected at school. It suffocated us, it weighed us down.

To have to live with the burden of being bullied.

A burden as heavy as a mountain, on our shoulders. If you can actually call it a burden, there aren't enough words to describe it, to describe what millions of children are going through.

Right now, every second.

We didn't understand, why we were the victims of....this, inhuman play that they acted out everyday.

The play that hurt us in ways we weren't born to be hurt like.

And we asked ourselves every night, every morning every minute of our lives. "Why? What did I do wrong?" We asked ourselves questions that would never be answered by those bullies that shoved us.

Face down to the ground.

It killed us.

We felt alone in this world with 7 billion people, yet no one to hold us through the night. Alone in the cold , at the back of the room. Paper planes hitting our heads. Because "Why not?".

Spray painting our lockers, because permanent insults make everything more real.

And all we could do was stand alone, in a world in which we were being held down.

By people who thought they were better.

Because of skin colour, clothes, family names, parents, talents, popularity, history, friends and the things they did to bring other who weren't 'worthy' down until it was enough. For the day.

And a lot of these victims left, because they couldn't anymore, because they didn't see the light anymore, because they didn't believe in a better tomorrow anymore, because giving up was better..

Better then staying in the never-ending hell that burned our innocents. That burned our belief that burned us and left a million scars.

And no matter how many times people would tell you that "It will get better," or "You're not alone," or "You can get through this," sometimes positive words get killed.

With the negativity we get drowned in. But....

No matter what they say, you're not alone. Please believe me, you're not alone. Millions of children get bullied per day, maybe that doesn't help a lot but, know that you aren't alone,we are here

For you, we are here if you need to talk.

We are here if you're down.

We are here to listen.

They shouted Loser, through the hallways.

They shouted Nerd, after someone who got an A.

They spray painted Freak, on someone's locker because they're expressing themselves differently then they.

They whispered Weirdo, after taking a look at someone with different clothes.

We might be different, but we are real, we have feelings, we're breathing, we share the oxygen that they breathe in and out with insults and labels coming out again.

It will get better.

You aren't alone.

Remember this when you think of leaving.

Don't take your life because someone thinks they're better, because they push you around, because they think that you aren't worth it.

You are worth it. You are better then them. You're not the loser.

The bullies are.

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