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when she danced, everyone was there.
what they couldn't see was what really was going on.

when she,

by Lotus

When she danced, everyone watched.

When she sang, everyone would hold their breath.

When she would tell, everyone listened.

When she sat alone, everyone would surround her.

She was there and everyone watched in awe.


When she cried, no one heard.

When she shouted, they were oblivious.

When she would choke, they didn't see.

When she couldn't anymore, they wouldn't hear.

When she needed someone.


They weren't there.

And she tried.

She tried so hard.

But in life, trying is sometimes not enough.

Sometimes you need someone, to tell you it will be okay again.

And sometimes, sometimes 'sometime' isn't soon enough.

Because when she danced, everyone watched.

Everyone adored.

Everyone clapped.

Everyone cheered.

Everyone laughed.

Everyone was there.

When she needed them, they didn't understand.

So when she died. She was all alone.

And no one understood.

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