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we're the over thinkers, we're the teenagers.


by lotusmystiek

We are the teenagers,

We are the next generation,

With iPhones, tablets and laptops.

On social media, glued to the internet.

And our phones.

Sarcastic remarks, eyerolls and 'oh shit' moments.

With pain inside, but coverup smiles and 'I'm fine's'

'Cause no, we're not okay. We're not o-fucking-kay.

We are hormonal idiots that make mistakes and judge everyone

Mainly, behind their backs.

We like to do stupid things...

and cringe about them later, like real hard.

Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook...

We use social media, but our social life is as dead as Leonardo's meme.

Viral hits, memes...we all are all over it.

We can be sassy...

Give the least of fucks and have the worst case of resting bitch face syndrome...

But the most of us inside are fighting a battle.

And trying hard to act like we're just the bunch of idiots

that the biggest part of the adults see us for.

And the rest are just weird.

We're the over thinkers, we're the teenagers.

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