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Carpe Diem, used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.

she lived in the moment,

by Lotus

She gave little thought, to the future.

Waved it away, smiled, when someone would mention it.

She was outgoing, she was daring, she would do anything...

...for the tiniest bits of adrenaline.

Shots of caffeine and nicotine were no stranger to her body.

Smiling, laughing, because she lived in the today, not thinking of tomorrow.

Adventure, danger, excitement,

it followed it her everywhere she went.

Today was today, tomorrow was a daydream.

Sadly tomorrow came too soon for her,

It happened just as fast as it went.

The car, the scream, the blood.

Stephan used to say that she knew that she would die that day, she knew that she wouldn't grow old,

that's the reason she lived like everyday was her last.

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