no ones praying for me
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a story inspired by the song ; Nobody Praying For Me by Seether.

no ones praying for me

by Lotus

No one's praying for me.

The villain,

the crook,

the storm,

the hurricane....

about to destroy your light.

The black cloud around your bright smile.

The destroying flash, lightning, striking your heart.

Love at first sight, eh?

Didn't know I was that addicting, suffocating, destroying as nicotine, did you?

And now that you've seen my view,

you'll understand when I say ;

no one's praying for me.

Death, disguised as an angel.

Ready to paint all your beautiful memories black.

Let me guess?

Didn't see me coming?

The black water, the dangerous crashing waves, nearing ;

the innocent.

The wicked wind,

the dark and unknown.

the beautifully tragically dangerous.

the bitter, sadistic, satanic and evil.

I am all, and if you can't accept me ;

Just know,

I don't care.

'Cause no one's praying for me anyway.

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