lotus, a dying flower
lotus, a dying flower lotus stories

lotusmystiekstill as depressing as always
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i found a poem written by the 12 year old me.
this poem is a little like "when she," one of my first post on Commaful.
i almost didn't want to post this, because they're so similar.

lotus, a dying flower

by lotusmystiek

When Lotus sang, people stopped and listened.

When Lotus danced, people stopped and watched.

When Lotus laughed, people stopped and smiled.

When Lotus talked, people stopped and joined.

She looked happy, alive, but on the inside scars, tears and dark thoughts were hidden.


When Lotus felt scared, she shut her mouth and smiled.

When Lotus felt weak, she didn't let anyone see.

When Lotus shut down, no one ever noticed.

Because Lotus only showed, what Lotus wanted everyone to see.

So when Lotus had enough, everyone was surprised.

Because no one ever thought that when Lotus jumped, she wanted to die.

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