just not your type,
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lotusmystiekstill as depressing as always
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player boys, can like boys. but can society accept?

just not your type,

by lotusmystiek

empty, your heart was empty.

is it true what they say? that someone can change for you? out of love?

i guess it wasn't love, you were just lonely.

i was another toy, to cover up your 'big' secret. to keep up your reputation.

and i was another daisy, in a field filled with roses.

and at the end it didn't matter, you didn't matter, i didn't matter.

you're empty, your heart is empty.

you don't have a soul.

behind that attitude lies something that makes me gag.

you don't think you'll be accepted, if you come out. so you use the whole 'player' cliché. i just wasn't your type.

it didn't work, i saw through it.

but since you might read this, because you don't have shame when it comes to privacy either.

it won't work.

nothing will work, you know why?

you'll first have to accept yourself.

before you can question, if others will.

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