i hate the beach
i hate the beach beach stories

lotusmystiekstill as depressing as always
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sorry, just a small rant.

i hate the beach

written by : Lotus

To be honest never really liked it,

Every time I go there it's,

Or too cold,

Too warm,

Too crowded,

Too windy.

And I like have this really strong dislike for sand,

no joke, it somehow creeps into every single object that I bring.

The sand is really the most annoying of all.

No, maybe the fact that the beach is so overrated.

And I'm not just saying that to be a wannabe hipster.

But really?

Ever been to such a beautiful beach like you've read, seen on a picture or in a movie?

Please tell me where,

because I've never been to a good beach.

I hate the beach, no joke.

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