Honey, Will You Feel Alive With Me
Honey, Will You Feel Alive With Me alive stories

lotusmystiekstill as depressing as always
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Honey, Will You Feel Alive With Me

by lotusmystiek

honey will you feel alive with me?

fly around the sky, never touching the ground thinking you'll finally be free.

because all you need in life is a small dose of illusions so you can come through the day.

without feeling like nothing, but everything is fake.

Darling, I don't want to be alive.

But I'll fly with you and touch the sky. I just can't promise to stay forever.

Because what lasts forever is nothing ever. Illusions are fine, just as long as you know that I've got a clock ticking telling me it's time.

honey, will you hold my hand?

play like children in a beach, run through the sand. remember when we had no worries?

who would've thought that nothing goes as planned. i wish you would know that there's a choice and you don't have to feel trapped.

Darling, I wish that were true.

I wish I wouldn't always feel this blue. But reality stings and is hard.

I really wish I could still dream about the times playing on the front yard.

But times change, just like us.

honey, will you feel alive with me? because sometimes all you need is a little company,

to keep the darkness out.

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