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inspired by the song, The A Team by Ed Sheeran.


By : Lotus

Pink lips, brown locks. Blue eyes, foggy thoughts.

Sunrise, big smile. Flamed skies, days pass by.

Sharp breaths, nearly dead. Being down, acting high.

And they say, she seems a little crazy.

Dance around on tables. Smiles, sings and daydreams. But some days, her smile fades. Screaming, but they're all dazed. Nobody hears when she cries at night.

Dark days, long nights. Bloodstained wrists, black eyes.

Feeling dead, still alive.

And they say, she seems a little crazy.

A daydreamer, dancing on tables. Being nice, but is unstable. Isn't able to see clearly. Feeling all weary.

Carries on but cries at night.

Blue nights, rough fights.

Fighting to stay alive.

Looking but there's no light.

And he said, she likes to play crazy.

To joke and seem painless. Seems unbreakable. But still breaks. Carries on, but all alone.

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