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lotusmystiekstill as depressing as always
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"coffee is the writers battery,"

to be honest, i don't drink that much coffee [anymore, yeah, i'm clean now] but coffee becomes my new best friend as soon as i get a new story idea.

a cup of nerves,

by lotusmystiek

drinking coffee is like drinking a cup of nerves.

a shot of energy, your heart pumping faster.

it keeps me awake when i should be sleeping.

but there's no time for sleep when you're a writer.

you have to write down every single thought.

because sometimes it comes, and when you don't write it down quick enough.... whoops, it's gone again.

3 AM and i'm still not asleep.

but i'm on a roll. the sentences rolling out on the keyboard. faster then i could type.

7 AM and i'm up again,

coffee, for breakfast, coffee with lunch, coffee before dinner. it's not healthy, it's become an addiction.

and when the story's out,

a week or two rest. no caffeine for a month or so.

but then, an idea comes to mind at 2 AM.

and no time to waste.

the coffee machine is being used again day and night,

the clicking of the keyboard, is the only sound at night,

the whole process starts again.

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