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{Skin : a series of 7 poems, written by Lotus}

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#7. Skin

a poem written by : Lotus


Covering us.

Our bones. Our flesh.

It's our protection.

But that's not what I imagined,

what I thought when I heard the word skin.

I guess it has more meaning,

to one. Then to the other.

I saw a wrapper at one point.

Skin that you show, and skin that was truly yours.

The skin that you make people think you are.

And the skin that you are.

One being deceiving, misleading and sometimes a bit overwhelming.

The other, soft, warm, a nice memory.

And the skin, that covers the hot ball.

Is the place we all live on.

Harsh sometimes. But most of the time,

enchanting, beautiful, breath taking.

Just like some ruin the wrapper.

We ruin the wrapper of Earth.

Unlike snakes,

we get one chance, just like Earth gets one chance.

And we all are at the point of no return.

There will be no scars to remind, nothing.

Because the skin we are given,

we should treasure.

No matter what.

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