#6. Here We Go Again.
#6. Here We Go Again. skin stories

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{Skin : a series of 7 poems, written by Lotus}

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#6. Here We Go Again.

a poem written by : Lotus

"Here we go again."

Mabel is pushed around, surrounded by people a lot bigger then her.

And we all stand and watch.

We all stand and act so f*cking lost. Like we're the one who's being pulled aside, pushed around. Shoved against a locker. Spat in the face.

It all looks so horrible, so terrible.

So sad.

But we all just watch.

While those bullies rip her apart.

And some of us even laugh.

It's funny, right?

Yeah, it's funny. So we all laugh.

At the girl, who is being pushed around.

The girl, the only one who stood up. The girl, who had gone to the teachers. The girl, who stood up for each and everyone of us.

And this is what we gave in return.

When Mabel came out of the closet,

we didn't support.

When Mabel started cutting,

we all saw. But didn't speak.

While she did so much for all of us. We gave nothing in return.

"Here we go again,"

She was being pushed around. And we all froze. Did nothing. Looked away. Away, avoiding her look.

Owing so much. Supposed to stand up. But no one dared to touch, the bullies who hit her.

Kicked her.

We all just looked away.

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