#3. Suck It Up Loser
#3. Suck It Up Loser loser stories

lotusmystiekstill as depressing as always
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something personal. a honest letter to myself.

{Skin : a series of 7 poems, written by Lotus}

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#3. Suck It Up Loser

a short story (poem) written by : Lotus


Listen, loser, you're a weirdo. With a bunch of mixed emotions and anxieties. That confuse me the world and your family.

You think you're such a big shot, just because you're heard from time to time. But people just pity you, for seeking so much attention. Writing all these bullsh*t poems.

We get it! You're not fine! We got it after the fifth dramatic poem you wrote, no need to make another dozen.


Oh, yeah, go ahead. Cry, again. Seems to be the only thing you're good at.

Next to overreacting, being all dramatic, repeating the same thing all over. And you play the part of Miss Innocence so well. While backstabbing every opinion you ever made.

Can't seem to have a real opinion, swings from left to right. Never got a solid answer.


Suck it up loser, live with it. Get over that sh*t. Continue living, instead of crying away those feelings. 'Cause face it. No one gives a damn.

All you are, is entertainment. Never will you be more than that.


Every punch that you take, you make it 50 times bigger than it us. Every smile that you fake, make it prettier, thinking you should receive applause for playing people? Does it make you feel good

Because, honey, your heart is unfixable. You're just postponing your own execution of realisation that this world is nothing for you.


Right now, feeling sick again. Telling everyone you're crumbling, slipping, You're breaking and want saving.

But what you really need is a wake up call.

Here it comes, to the person that hides behind a million faces. The person that doesn't feel right, in the position they're in, in their skin.

Here comes a message, special delivery for you ; "Suck it up loser, live with it."

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