#1. The Boy Who Cut.

lotusmystiekstill as depressing as always
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{Skin : a series of 7 poems, written by Lotus}

#1. The Boy Who Cut.

a poem written by : Lotus


He was hurt.

He, was hated.

By the world, though mostly by himself.

His skin.

His skin was the problem.

That's what he told himself.

That's the lie he was fed. What he then believed.

His skin wasn't pure enough.

For the pearls of this world. The beauty's. He was a flaw in an almost perfect picture. That's what they said.

And every night. He would try to fix it, to fix himself.

But you can't fix what isn't ruined. You can't fix with a blade.

Trailing along his fractured, broken and tinted skin,

with a metal monster.

Never did he win,

the fight of salty tears and tortured screams. Always they'd escape his chapped lips, by midnight.

And he always wished, that he could cut it away.

Cut away his skin and rip it off. Because that's all they saw, they only saw his skin.

He screamed, ignored pleas.

He cried, unnoticed tears.

He shouted, not sure for what.

And they ignored the fact that the biggest fault should be placed on them, for telling him that his skin was imperfection. That he didn't belong and that he never would.

And the world heard him, but turned their backs.

He screamed--but all he was.

He cried--and ever will be.

He shouted---

---is the boy who cut.

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lotusmystiekGifted Writerstill as depressing as always
5 months ago
angel is small and fragile, and she doesn't care.

lotusmystiekGifted Writerstill as depressing as always
4 months ago
hey, i can't talk right now.
hey, it's me again.

lotusmystiekGifted Writerstill as depressing as always
4 months ago
they tell a story i can't.

lotusmystiekGifted Writerstill as depressing as always
4 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Thank you very much!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
4 months agoReply
This was a wonderfully graphic and intellectual impression of a victim of culture's cruelty. Self mutilation is feared by the majority of people within a culture. It assault their senses and emotions. Many people just refuse to accept this a problem for all of us. Great story!!!!! Keep them coming.

lotusmystiekGifted Writerstill as depressing as always
4 months agoReply
Thank you so much for commenting @justshutupxd , I think I almost cried when I read your comment. It doesn't just take someone to write the truth, it takes people to read and understand it. So thank you for reading, understanding and commenting!

justshutupxdBronze CommaA writer making the world brighter
4 months agoReply
No one's skin is imperfect. even those who taunt others. I always hated the judgement people give others for the scars. I have my own and I have been on the other side of those taunts simply because I wasn't understood. The amount of will power that it takes to not give in and feel the skin give way underneath a blade is nearly impossible to keep. Thank you for writing this. To show the world that judgement can do damage that most do not see.