lotusblatt"be like the flowing river."
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This short story is about my best friend. He killed himself 3 years ago in August. And sometimes it still hurts, but it's okay to feel pain. And it's okay to cry.
This story is for everyone, who misses someone or something, wether dead or alive. Stay strong. Someday it won't hurt anymore.


by lotusblatt

I have to admit, that, sometimes I miss your trenchoat. Even though I always told you it looks awful.

Sometimes I miss the smell of you after smoking 5 cigarettes at night. Even though I always told you to quit because it’s unhealthy.

Sometimes I miss our late night conversations. Even though I always wanted to go to bed because I was tired.

Sometimes I miss your blue eyes. Even though they always made me feel like I’m drowning.

Sometimes, even, after all this time I still miss you. And it still hurts.

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lotusblatt"be like the flowing river."
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lotusblatt"be like the flowing river."
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@michaelschulze you're right and it's absolutely okay to miss them and to feel pain and loss and emptiness. Don't ignore your feelings you just get numb if you do and that's even worse...

3 months agoReply
Pain of loss never really leaves you can push it to the back of your mind where it may lay dormant for years and one day something will trigger that feeling all over again be it someone who looks like the person a smile a smell a laugh in the crowd a flower or a song time only teaches you how to live with the pain