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"Mommy, I wanna be just like you one day" "Oh really? You wanna be a dancer?'


"Mommy, I wanna be just like you one day"

"Oh really? You wanna be a dancer?'

"Uh duh! I wanna do pretty turns"

She spins around, in her pink tutu, any 5-year-old.

"How was dance class?"

"How did you do it?! I can barely feel my feet!"

"Ah, with dancing comes not only great passion but great pain."

She takes off her pointe shoes​, rubbing her feet, ​ any dancing 13- year-old.

"Mom! Just let me go!"

"I pay thousands of dollars for dance and you wanna miss a competition for a party?!"

"I'm a teenager too! Not just a damn dancer!"

She runs upstairs ​​and slams the door, an​y upset 16-year-old​.

"I knew you could do it!"

"Mom, I couldn't of done it without you!"

"My little prima ballerina!"

She hugs her mom and any happy 25 year-old.

"How did you have kids?"

"A blessing...although you need to have strength."

"I don't know Mom, kids are so tough, Sam never listens!"

She grabs her sweaty child and messes with his any 35 year-old Mom.

"Promise me something..."

"Anything Mom."

"You'll always be my dancer"

She leans down to hug her Mother, to laugh, to grimace, to cry and to love... like any 50 year-old Woman would do when her Mom is dying...

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