The Doughnut Hole in the Room

The Doughnut Hole in the Room tony stark stories

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The Avengers go out to eat; Tony's eating habits are put on trial.

The Doughnut Hole in the Room

*The Avengers go out to dinner*

Peter Parker: Anyone else have that one relative with the styrofoam diet, and forget the taste of real food unless they go out to eat? No? Just me?

Clint Barton: And Steve ;-;

Bucky Barnes: There's a reason I was driven to plums.

Tony Stark: There's a reason I now hide blueberries in the furniture. Just don't check the potted plants—

Scott Lang: Oh, you mean that hidden stash of Toffifay? Yeah, man...somebody took that...

Thor: Oh, this reminds me of a story! There was this one time where I went over to pick up Nutella, because I like Nutella, and then—

Everyone else: "My brother Loki transformed back into himself and said 'mmblerg, it's me.' And then he stabbed me."

Bucky Barnes: How many of your childhood stories end like that, man?

T'Challa: All of mine end with being peddled by cucumbers.

Tony Stark: Are we all skating around the fact that Scott ate my entire stash of Toffifay?

Thor: He is a fiend.

Wanda Maximoff: I bet Tony couldn't last one evening on the Styrofoam diet.

Tony Stark: Is that a challenge, Maximoff?

Natasha Romanoff: Tony, this is one veggie steak you shouldn't gnaw on.

Wanda Maximoff: Tony thinks Olive Garden is fast food.

Scott Lang: Seriously? Wow, no wonder the middle class is so angry. . .

*looks at menu* Tony Stark: Alright, I'll bite. Literally and figuratively. Where's the menu, what do they call "sweet revenge" at this place...?

Wanda Maximoff: Something wrong?

Tony Stark: ...I'm the one who pays the check. I'll eat whatever I want.

Bucky Barnes: I pity your doctor.

Stephen Strange, peering over the menu: Thank you.

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