HAPPY THOR'S DAY!!!! (I've returned!)

       HAPPY THOR'S DAY!!!!
                   (I've returned!) yes im alive stories

lothirielswan Love, fortune and glory to you!
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Hi Awesome Adventurers!! So sorry for the long silence, I've missed you! Here's some fun announcements of what's coming up soon, I hope you enjoy it c: love, fortune and glory to you!

HAPPY THOR'S DAY!!!! (I've returned!)

HI AWESOME ADVENURERS!! Guess who's back from the dead??

I am so sorry for ghosting you!! I love this community so much, the withdrawals are real--


Lotheswan: ...Hello to you too, Wade.

Deadpool: Does your mom still have that huge embarrassing crush on Ryan Reynolds???

Lotheswan: I'm not that short. And yes, she LOVES Hugh Jackman.

Deadpool: All that spite trapped in one short body...it's like an angry gnome...or Maisie Williams (which is her actual size, dear Commaful)...

Peter Parker: We missed you, Author c:

Lotheswan: Aww, thank you Petey! I missed you too! You cutie you c:

Tony Stark: So, Author, what are you up to these days? Terrorizing the natives? Writing up more bad hair days for the Lannisters?

Natasha Romanoff: Actually, she went to college. Living on campus, right Author?

Sam Wilson: And still alive? Impressive, Author.

Lotheswan: I can't believe it either. Anyways, I'm back, and I wanted to share some sneak peaks about future projects with you guys!

Scott Lang: But what happened when you were gone--?

Lotheswan: Okay SO I binged some Game of Thrones over the summer and I LOVED it. I'm thinking we may try to do some clean funnies of them, SPOILER-FREE (if not, there will be a warning beforehand of what season it entails)

Lotheswan: And, laugh at me if you must, but I took a look at some "otome" games. Very interesting from a writer's perspective, with how those stories are presented. If we have any fans of "Ikemen Vampire" or "Ikemen Revolution", we might play around with that material, we'll see who's interested. If you're a fan, be sure to let me know!

Bucky Barnes: Sounds cool, but can we circle back to Scott and why you were gone--?

Lotheswan: Of course, more Marvel stuff, ALWAYS. We may try to get out a tribute for our beloved Chadwick Boseman as well. I also started writing a Bucky fic, so we might see some of that in the future as well!

Wanda Maxmioff: OH MY GOD

Groot: I am Groot?

Natasha Romanoff: What is it, Wanda?

Wanda Maximoff: I looked in Lotheswan's head. Honestly, that place is always terrifying, but DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN??

Lotheswan: And for our special feature, the main reason I've been off the grid, the tale of my absence:

Everyone: ...

Lotheswan: I can guarantee that it's not what your thinking. I can also guarantee that it will probably be the most hilarious/horrifying thing you will ever read in your life.

Lotheswan: I can't wait for the fun stuff ahead and I'm SO excited to be back!! Love fortune and glory to you, Awesome Adventurers!!

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